senior citizen listening to music with headphones

5 Styles of Headphones And 3 Best Types For Seniors


There’re numerous types of headphones & depending on what your requirements are you have a simpler resolution on what type you will really need. There’re 5 types of headphones:

  • Earbud & In-the-ear; stick in your ears
  • On-the-ear which; sit on top of your ears
  • Over-ear; cover your ears completely
  • Wireless; cordless
  • Headsets; add a microphone to the mix.

Earbuds & In-the-Ear Headphones

Earbuds & in-the-ear are excellent for passengers as the sound is inside your ear & doesn’t “leak” out to others surrounding you. The real benefits are that these headphones are really portable & kind of hidden inside your ears. There’re nevertheless drawbacks to these earbud-style headphones. With a little size of headphone, you won’t have the huge soundstage & range of sound which a bigger speaker may offer you. One of the greatest problems is that since these headphones sit in your ear & this can be risky at large volumes leading to hearing issues in later life.

On-Ear Headphones

Old fashioned radio

These on-ear kinds are a fabulous type of headphone throughout the house. They will offer great response & have a huge range and also the possibility of a pretty large soundstage. The disadvantage of the on-ear headphone type is that since the sound isn’t blocked by anything significant sound may leak out & people around you may hear the music which you’re listening to particularly at greater volume.

Over-Ear Headphones

The over-the-ear style is the type which you’re most used to finding. These headphones encase your entire ear & are the type that is most frequently noise canceling. The sound coming from these headphones is incomparable & the lack of external noise & the limitation of the sound by the producer in making the sound ideal in your ear. The shortcoming of these headphones is that they are big & when wearing & listening to these headphones is going to mean that you may not hear anybody around you….perhaps this is good & maybe not.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless happens to be the headphones which you will utilize if you desire to move about listening to music. With wireless, because they are normally over the ear, there’re no boundaries to how great they sound. As these headphones require to utilize wireless RF tech the real demerit is the weight & price.


Headsets happen to be on the ear having a microphone. Normally, these are paired-up with a computer & video games so that the quality isn’t expected to be prominent & usually isn’t. The really exceptional feature about these type of headphones is that you may, truly, multitask-listening to music till you require to speak on the phone or whatever you’re utilizing the microphone for.

3 Types of Headphones For Seniors

If you are a senior citizen and you want to learn about headphones for elders read more here.

When it comes to seniors and headphones, the type they would automatically need is significantly different from what the youth would technically need. Headphones for seniors should have among other qualities, great comfort and high noise cancelling feature. The below three styles are some of the ideal headphones for seniors:

1. Photive-PH-BTE70

The Photive-PH-BTE70 model is among the ideal headphones for elders in 2018. They are more earbuds having ear clips which stay in your ear & fasten to your head.


> Sweat proof capacity that’s good for the person on the go 
> Comes having a cordless earbud battery which has to be charged prior to using & in-between utilization
> Their Bluetooth capacity enables special hands-free calling alternatives and the strength to skip tracks minus having to touch audio device or your phone.

This model is excellent for those elders who appreciate walks, exercise, or visiting their neighbourhood gyms for some physical exercise.


The other best is the Sony MDRZX110AP type. This model arrives in on-ear and over-the-ear stylings. It’s lightweight & somewhat flexible having the capacity to be wrapped into a comfortable carrying option.


> A built-in microphone to utilize for crystal-clear hearing on your phone calls & music as well
> Comes having a cord which is agreeable with all MP3 media 

> They may be synced with your cell phone through Bluetooth abilities
> It’s flexibility & lightweight; this enables it to be a charming alternative for seniors &elderly people. 

This really is the ideal headphone for older adults under $50.


The third option is the Earjax-BZ-ELS90-0611. This is a smaller in-ear type which offers seniors a smaller alternative to headphones. Their small size & styling yet deliver some wonderful sounds.

The ear-buds arrives with various in-ear sized caps which offer the user with the ideal fit for a wonderful sounding music. 

Other Features

> A chord which is created from woven-cloth, that is a fine alternative to the rubber covered-coil versions.

These’re a small alternative & one which still offers seniors with the capacity to discover the perfect access to great sounds. And most significantly it’s very cheap & can be bought for less than $20!


Headphones are such a fabulous investment for numerous people. With the price of speakers being very high & with the reproduction of MP3 players, there’s a very need for most individuals to have an exceptional music-listening experience by listening to music using one of the above sets.