Are You or Someone You Know Caring For an Elderly Loved One?

A few years ago, I had the chance to meet Barbara Friesner, and Elder Care Expert and Founder of AgeWiseLiving.  A while ago, she created “The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success System” which I recommend to any caregiver dealing with an aging parent.  

Just in time for the holidays, she is offering $100 off AND a free upgrade on shipping so that you can order today and get it in time for Christmas.  It’s a great gift so I thought I would share some information on it!  I had them send me this description because I know she could explain it better than I!

Did you know that more than 1/3 of elder caregivers had long term health problems because of elder caregiving?

In fact, researchers have found that there is a 63% increase in mortality over 4 years, compared with non-caregivers.  And the numbers are worse when there is also financial strain.

Did you know that almost all respondents reported that they paid one or more expenses in order to help the care recipient? (Food, transportation, and medications were their three most common expenses.) And these are just miscellaneous costs – not including loss of pay, pension, social security, etc.

Barbara Friesner, Elder Care Expert, Generational Coach, and former caregiver to her grandmother, and her mother, has helped hundreds of families with their Elder Care issues.

That’s why she created “The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success System.” And right now, Barbara is offering it at $100 off the regular price! And right now, until December 22nd, you’ll also receive a free upgrade from ground to air shipping at no additional cost! To order just click on this link “The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success System”

If you’re a caregiver or care about someone who is, please don’t wait until these statistics are about you. Give yourself or someone you love the gift of love and order “The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success System” at this special sale price today and get the help you need today.

”The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success System” is an amazingly comprehensive and information-rich resource that is guaranteed to address your most difficult questions, roadblocks, and communication breakdowns that are so typical for elder caregivers.

Because no one has time and money to waste – especially caregivers –“The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success System” is a very simple step-by-step and easy to follow program.

 The System includes “The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success GUIDE” which has checklists, examples . . . all kinds of information – that makes the process easy to understand and more importantly, easy to be successful. In addition, the System includes 8 CDs –6 seminars, 1 CD of all the forms in the book, and 1 CD with Barbara’s rolodex of resources, plus the 3 CD boxed set of the Expert Series. That’s The Ultimate Caregiver’s Success Guide and 11 CDs.