Communicating in Alzheimer’s World

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Alzheimer’s Reading Room: Communicating in Alzheimer’s World 

After repeatedly correcting my mother, telling her she just ate, and watching her get frustrated or angry, I finally realized something had to change — this something was me. I had to change……

I love Bob’s Blog, the Alzheimer’s Reading room. This is one of my favorite articles because it speaks to anyone of us who has found themselves a little (…..) frustrated when trying to communicate with someone with Alzheimer’s disease

If you are in that situation now, take a second and click the link at the top of this post a read his post. (And anything else on his site for that matter.) Keep up the great work Bob!

Social media opens social world to elderly, disabled

I just read another article about the benefits of social media.  Many of us use it for business and for catching up with friends.  But what if you had no lifeline to the outside world?  Social media tools have now allow those who may have otherwise been isolated and home bound to talk and share and laugh.  Provided you are not afraid to learn the new technology, social media can allow some to share their stories and participate in conversations.  Which is what its all about.  And I always say socialization can be as important as exercise.  I love seeing how this new medium continues to grow.

Click here to read the article¬†‘Social media opens the social world to elderly, disabled.’ From the Star News Online.

Many of the senior living communities that we work with in Chicago are embracing this and offering classes either their own social media portals for seniors or classes on how to use some of the more popular sites like Facebook.  Video chats are also popular and help families far and near check up and check in on their loved ones.

Alzheimer’s Support Group at Weiss Hosptial

This support group is open to family, friends, and/or caregivers who are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.  Several topics will be discussed, a few are:

  • Challenges of caregiving for someone who had Alzheimer’s
  • Care for the caregiver
  • Ideas for additional support

Nancy Tuzzolino is a senior care manager and will be facility the support group.  The group will meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 7pm-8pm in the WISE Center at Weiss Memorial Hospital (4646 N. Marine Drive, Chicago, IL).  Please contact the WISE Center to register at 773-564-5666

This program is supported by the Alzheimer’s Association Chicago Chapter. (800-272-3900)