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Devoted to health and wellness thru prevention, Immunotec Research, founded in 1996, is based in Toronto, Canada. Research by Dr Gustave Bounous, on the functions of the immune system, has resulted in the creation of a world class health and wellness production facility marketing their products around the world.

Immunotec Research is based on the passion of the researchers for promoting wellness. Aware of the many choices that exist for nutritional supplements, to confidently recommend our products, it is important that we have scientific and medical proof that represents true benefits and are worth the cost we ask for them.

The company’s health-promoting products are the fruit of almost two decades of medical research spearheaded by Dr. Gustavo Bounous. Dr. Bounous, an immigrant from Italy, has always had a passion for research. It was this research that would lead to multiple medical discoveries of great impact. At the youthful age of 34, he was the youngest person ever to be awarded the coveted Medal of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada for one such discovery that saved the lives of thousands.

Dr. Bounous

His continued research led to the development of Immunocal®, a cysteine-rich undenatured whey protein isolate. So unique is this protein that it has been awarded numerous medical and method of use patents. Of these, perhaps the most important one is for its ability to strengthen our immune system.

A meeting with the European industrialist Dieter Beer facilitated the entry of Dr. Bounous’ research into the marketplace. It was the combination of these two individuals that led to the development of Immunotec Research.

Founded on solid research, Immunotec Research is ready to meet the needs of the wellness minded individual. While there are many companies that produce health products, Immunotec stands in a class of its own as a leader in the wellness industry. Almost twenty years of research underlie its flagship product Immunocal.


The history of a company may well serve to define it’s potential and longevity. So many wellness marketing companies appear with a revolutionary ‘new’ product line, only to disappear a few short years later — leaving the independent distributors with little or nothing to show for their efforts.

The difference lies with the management staff and their commitment to a clear set of long-term goals and ideals.

Three factors set Immunotec Research apart from the rest:

·  The research that led to the development of their primary product is owned by Immunotec Research — NOT the fruits of an independent researcher which sold his/her ‘formulas’ to simply gain access to the marketplace and thus make money.

·  The products are primarily focused on contemporary health needs, thus fitting well with emerging trends…

·  The core product (Immunocal), is listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference, the Pharmacist’s Red Book, and is approved for payment by Medicare and Medicaid. No other NATURAL product has achieved this kind of standing and recognition….