SITE CHANGES (A spring clean)

Caution - Cleaning in progress signs

With the site now in its third year, have decided it is time for change. Started with the best of intentions covering a whole variety of issues affecting people in general and pensioners in particular. Data has become unwieldy on two counts:

Trying to be a Jack-of-all-trades and Master-of-none. It is easy to have a view like many other people, but attempting to campaign across the board achieves little. Tendency is for added material to be slotted in haphazardly – similar to putting it into a pending tray.

System changes by the provider have left me floundering on occasions, and highlighted deficiencies in my self-taught capacity to cope with problems. When data I have prepared does not reproduce on site pages in the same format, and presents itself as a jumbled mess, it has left me at a loss to rectify satisfactorily and quickly.

Throughout my few years of campaigning, one issue has been of prime concern – PENSIONS, particularly the unsatisfactory STATE PENSION level. This is where I intend to concentrate my efforts, and with few exceptions, the site will reflect this stance.

I believe public campaigners need to work from a base of priorities because, unlike businesses and charity organisations, facilities and co-ordination are not easily available to accommodate experts in a wide variety of subject matter, and generate effective support. It is too easy to get embroiled in a range of issues with groups and not recognise that one or two short periods of time each month generally turn out to be nothing more than talking shops.

There are a number of organizations dealing with individual subjects who are putting their efforts into building a wealth of data and support for a prioritised campaign. Generally they all have websites and I will list these groups on a separate page, together with contact detail as available.

In addition, many issues are covered regularly, and sometimes extensively, by newspapers and media, with general public then making their views known via letters to the editor, phone-ins, text messages, emails and comments on websites.

It now time to leave other main issues to expert groups and offer gestures of support when appropriate.

NHS – Keep Our Health Service Public.

Council Tax – Is It Fair.

Other Issues.

From this point in time I intend concentrating website work on PENSIONS and comparative items, including Poverty, Wealth Gap, MP Salaries, the National Insurance Fund and Politicians (particularly those in government) who make the policies that affect our lives. There will still be letters to Ministers about things like Utility Company Profiteering from commodities essential to life. This is the practise that has created the catastrophic mess that we are now in, with Banks being highlighted as the main culprits to deflect attention away from a government that has failed miserably to apply effective controls on our behalf. As a result Pensioners in particular are suffering.

Material relating to NHS, Council Tax etc. will be archived in the near future.