Things to consider when choosing an earphone for an elderly person

A headphone is a device that is worn over the head and supplies sounds to the ear. It is usually used to avoid disturbing people in the environment or to listen better. It is usually placed in the outer ear and changes electric signals to sound so only the wearer can hear. Usually, headphones are usually plugged to computers, phones or even speakers 

Buying a headphone can be a daunting task especially as one grows older, hearing becomes a little impaired. This is a natural occurrence for everybody. Due to this fact, choosing a pair of headphones can be an overwhelming experience for an older person.

There are some factors that need to be considered when selecting an earphone especially when older than 50. 

Stay away from earphones with too much bass: as you grow older, the desire to be more informed about your actions is emphasized. Headphones with too much bass appeal more to the younger generation due to the beats but an elderly person especially one with hearing impairments need a more solemn selection. 

Chose a sound that isn’t too muffled: when buying earphones, it is important that you choose an earphone you can easily listen and hear through. If not you are likely to stop using the earphones soon enough as it might not really useful in the long run. 

Choose a brand with a protective case: the ears are a very sensitive part of the body which is why you don’t want anything relatively dangerous getting near a device you are going to be inserting into your ears. Keeping it in a protective case after each use will protect it from insects or even wear. 

Choose a comfortable brand: comfort should be one of the first few priorities when buying an earphone, buy a brand that your comfortable wearing. Padded earphones are recommended when choosing. Also, choose earphones that are not fitted too tightly or too heavy so that you can easily move them about without feeling you are carrying something too heavy 

Below are some of the brands that have been recommended for adults 

Headphones laying on sheet music

Phillips SBCHL140/10

This brand has been recommended as one of the lightest there is. It only covers a part of your ear and is quite comfortable. It has a perfect cable connection, enhanced speakers which makes it easy for awesome hearing. 

It is also padded which makes it one of the most comfortable brands in the market. It is also very affordable. A lot of customers have praised this brand for its comfort and affordability

Sennheiser HD201

This brand is known for its quality sounds. Although it weighs slightly higher than the Philip, it is much more durable. It has highly hypoallergenic earpads. It has a long cable which allows for ease of use.high-quality quality leather attached which makes for comfortability. 

Soul Impact OE

This is Bluetooth earpiece that elderly people find best. If has astable 33 ft stable connection. It can last for about 18 hours playback and 20hours standby. This brand is highly affordable and you get a lot for your money. It comes with a storing case for easy transportation and for keeping the headphones safe from germs and dirt.

The Boss Quiet Comfor

This is a very familiar brand although its prices are a little on the expensive side they are one to get when it comes to comfort and noise cancellation, sounds come out easily from this brand. It cuts outside noise and is quite light too. It comes with a mic also that makes it easy to receive phone calls with. It has a long battery life of about 30 hours and is very durable. Customers have given a lot of positive reviews about the product and its ease of use. Although it’s quite expensive, it is a very good product if you don’t mind the price. 

These are some of the things to consider when choosing an earphone. These are examples of on-ear earphones which does not in anyway affect the activities of a hearing aid. Elderly people can still watch Television and listen to radio despite any hearing impairments with the good of a comfortable and effective earphones